Wednesday, June 8, 2011

We now have Tropical Storm Adrian

At last, Adrian is here. and it is steadily intensifying. Winds are 70 mph and pressure is 994 mb. There is evidence of an eye feature forming in the next few hours, ad it is somewhat surprising that Adrian is not a cane already. Some intensification is expected prior until reaching cooler waters in a day or so. The forecast calls for a peak of a 110 mph.  Afterward, Adrian will approach Baja, but will dissipate before reaching there. By this time next week, Adrian will be no more.

Adrian will be affecting Western Mexico tomorrow. 10 to 15 feet waves are possible, thus rip currents are dangerous threat. Swells should extend into Baja California.  Gale force wind gust and heavy rainfall is also possible.  As such, TS watches are up for parts of Mexico. This is what the Washington Post writes "
MIAMI — Forecasters say the first tropical storm of the 2011 hurricane season is gaining strength out in the Eastern Pacific.
Tropical Storm Adrian’s maximum sustained winds increased to about 60 mph early Wednesday, hours after it formed. It’s expected to get stronger, but forecasts show it moving away from land in the next few days.""

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