Monday, August 9, 2010

Estelle almost dead, 90E has formed

Good news for beachgores, Estelle is almost dead. It southerly course will take it the remains of Estelle away from California. Good news there. Estelle's winds are 35 mph. Dissipation is expected overnight.

However, 90E has formed near Socorro Island, which got some rain for Estelle a few days back, is some sing sing or organization. However, no significant development is expected do to some wind shear. The main impact on Socorro are heavy rain. Up to an inch of rain is possible and about a 10 inch water rise is expected. On Mexico, wave up to 10 are very likely once again. These can produce deadly rip currents, the worst part of a La Nina for Pacific hurricane impact. Unlike Estelle the main threat for waves are near Mantalazan.

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