Saturday, August 14, 2010

90E is back, could we have 92E soon, Cookie cutter basin?

Invest 90E has came back once again. Some development is possible, but is no threat to land. 92C has changed little in organization, and no additional development is expected. There is another area of interest south of the Mexican coast, but strong wind shear is expected to prevent further development.

The EPAC has recently been reffered to as the "cookie curter basin". However, IMO they were several interesting storms since 2005. 2005 had Kenneth 2006 had Bud, Daniel, Ioke, John. Kristy, Lane, Sergio 2007 had Flossie 2008 had Boris, Hernan, Norbert. 2009 had Andres, Carlos, Felicia, Guillermo, Jimena, Rick, Neki. 2010 had Agatha, and Celia. Others disagree, saying that 87% of the storms since 2005 are boring. It shows that some people hate it and some people like it.

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